St. Francis of Assisi Cemetery


William Henry Wagner Centennial Shrine

This shrine, celebrating the Centennial year of Little Italy's founding, was dedicated lovingly by the family of William Henry Wagner to honor his memory.  The shrine is always open and a peaceful place to kneel, pray, and light a candle.  The centennial prayer and various statues, including St. Michael the Archangel to whom Billy had a special devotion, are part of this prayerful space in our historic cemetery.

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Rules for St. Francis Cemetery

  1. All current parishioners have the privilege of a burial plot at no cost. A parishioner is defined as a registered member of St. Francis, Little Italy, and of the Catholic faith.
  2. Non-parishioners may be allotted a burial plot for the fee of $1,000.00
  3. The cemetery caretaker shall assign ALL plots. The pastor shall resolve any disputes.
  4. Generally, no one may reserve a burial plot. However, under the following circumstances, a burial plot may be reserved: *An offspring has preceded a parent in death; *A spouse wishes to be buried next to their departed spouse; or *The pastor has granted specific permission to waive this guideline
  5. Whenever feasible, non-parishioners will give advance notice of their desire to be buried in St. Francis Cemetery.
  6. The pastor of St. Francis shall resolve any and all uncertainty or questions regarding the use of St. Francis Cemetery.
  7. All out of season, unsightly, or damaged floral arrangements will be removed by the cemetery groundskeeper after four (4) months if not removed by the family of the deceased.

History of St. Francis Cemetery

St. Francis Cemetery was consecrated in 1926 on land donated by the John Segalla family. Though St. Francis parish church is located in Pulaski County, the cemetery is located one mile away from the church in Perry County. The cemetery is one of approximately 50 Catholic cemeteries in Arkansas and contains over 100 interments. A small Little Italy Centennial chapel located inside the cemetery was constructed in honor of William Wagner in 2015, in recognition of the area’s founding. Inside a special prayer dedicated to the early founders of Little Italy is displayed below statues of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, our Blessed Mother, and St. Michael the Archangel.  

Additionally, a large quartz grotto constructed in the middle of the cemetery honors St. Francis, and is graced by statues of St. Francis, Jesus Christ and His mother.   



"We lose everything that we leave behind in this world; we can bring with us only a right to a reward for our charity and the alms we have given."

+St. Francis of Assisi, 13th Century